Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Here at BHCC we strive for an inclusive engaging and accessible environment for all our children and staff.

Our SEND ethos is to ensure inclusive provision for all children. We are committed to working alongside parents/carers in the provision for their child’s individual needs to enable us to help the child to develop to their full potential. We are committed to working with any child who has a specific need and/or disability and making reasonable adjustments to enable every child to make full use of the nursery’s facilities. All children have a right to a broad and well-balanced early learning environment.

We support a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in the following ways:

  • We have a dedicated full time Special Educational Needs Disabilities coordinator (SENDCo).

The role of the SENDCo involves:

– Ensuring all practitioners in the setting understand their responsibilities to children with SEND and the setting’s approach to identifying and meeting SEND;– Advising and supporting colleagues;– Ensuring parents are closely involved throughout and that their insights inform action taken by the setting; and– Liaising with professionals or agencies beyond the setting– Providing targeted interventions

  • Recognise each child’s individual needs and ensure all staff are aware of, and have regard for, the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of any needs not being met by the universal service provided by the nursery
  • Include all children and their families in our provision
  • Provide well informed and suitably trained practitioners to help support parents and children with special educational difficulties and/or disabilities
  • Name a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO) who is experienced in the care and assessment of children with additional needs. Staff will be provided with specific training relating to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and the SEND Code of Practice
  • Identify the specific needs of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and meet those needs through a range of strategies
  • Ensure that children who learn quicker, e.g. gifted and talented children are also supported
  • Share any statutory and other assessments made by the nursery with parents and support parents in seeking any help they or the child may need
  • Work in partnership with parents and other agencies in order to meet individual children’s needs, including the education, health and care authorities, and seek advice, support and training where required
  • Monitor and review our practice and provision and, if necessary, make adjustments, and seek specialist equipment and services if needed
  • Ensure that all children are treated as individuals/equals and are encouraged to take part in every aspect of the nursery day according to their individual needs and abilities
  • Encourage children to value and respect others
  • Challenge inappropriate attitudes and practices
  • Promote positive images and role models during play experiences of those with additional needs wherever possible
  • Celebrate diversity in all aspects of play and learning.
  • A community support team comprised of individuals trained in a number of specialisms including a therapeutic play specialist and staff trained in supporting children who have experienced emotional trauma.
  • Staff who have additional training in areas including supporting speech and language development and autistic spectrum condition and who work closely with health professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and educational psychologists.
  • A room in our main daycare building (an “Early Inclusion Space”) to support dedicated tailored interventions in a distraction free environment.
  • The opportunity for parents to attend informal support and social groups, parenting workshops and family trips during the holidays.
  • An augmented staff to child ratio in our day care provision where additional support is required and funding can be secured.

Our named SENDCo is Kerri Warman. You can contact her on: SENCO@bhchildrenscentre.org.uk.

For further information, see our SEND Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also find more information about Bristol’s SEND Local Offer – information about services and support in Bristol for children and young people from birth to 25 years old who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND), and for their families and carers.