Lily Room (3 – 4yrs)

Our Preschool unit has a capacity for 48 children across two rooms, Lily and Playdays.  Each room is led by a Lead Practitioner and is staffed by Early Years Practitioners and Nursery Assistants.

We promote children’s active learning through play and provide activities and resources that reflect the child’s interests.  The children have free-flow access to the outdoor classroom during free-play and we have an all-weather outdoor policy.  Like the other playrooms, the preschool children have lots of opportunities to get involved in messy and creative activities.

We also value what our parents and carers do at home with their child.  We engage with our families through organised events at the Centre such as movie nights, special snack, and story and rhyme performances.  Parents and carers also come into the Centre to participate in different activities with the children; for example, reading stories, cooking and planting.

In Preschool we focus on the children learning through play and providing them with the lifelong learning skills and abilities that will help them succeed in school and beyond.  This is known as ‘school readiness.’ In the summer term of the child’s preschool year we work closely to establish links with primary schools to enable a smooth transition for the children.

Children’s voice:

  • “I like it. I like playing here.”
  • “Cause I like playing.”
  • “I like playing with the babies.”
  • “I like playing with William when he comes in.”