Nursery Places Available for September 2021

We have a few nursery places left for this September - see the Childcare page for further information and how to apply.

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Rainbow Room (2 – 3 years)

Please note: Rainbow Room will be moving to our Brentry site in April 2021 and will close from August 2021. 

Rainbow Room is based at Henbury Court Children’s Centre and caters for children aged 2-3 years.  We are based within the lower building of Henbury Court Primary Academy and have two classrooms as one class where we can have up to 28 children in one session.

We work on a 1:4 ratio with the children and as we have a large space both indoors and outdoors the children have plenty of choice of what areas to explore.

We offer day sessions, 9am to 3pm,  to children, with a snack time where the children can experience sharing food in group situations and explore new foods.  We have an experienced team who care for the children with a mixture of graduates, Early Years practitioners, nursery assistants and apprentices making up our core team.

We have a large outdoor classroom which is open during free play where children are encouraged to take their learning outside as well as inside, no matter what the weather.


Children’s voice:

  • I like playing on the slide, go really fast and playing in the sand and water … the house and playing on slide
  • I like painting, I painting my arm
  • I having picnic, lots food, cheese, onion