Poppy (2 – 3yrs)

Children cared for in this room are aged between 2 and 3 years old. The room holds no more than 24 children at one time and maintains a strict ratio of 1:4. Poppy Room team is made up of experienced practitioners and nursery assistants and every child has a key person with whom they are able to build safe and secure relationships.

The child’s key person will be responsible for observing the children, identifying interests and new skills and planning child-centred activities ensuring children are able to learn and develop whilst having fun. At the age of 2, your child’s key person will also complete a 2 year check report, enabling them to identify how best to help the children to make progress within their learning and development.

Within this room the children are supported to become independent learners and will often develop new skills, such as, using the toilet and putting on wetsuits for outdoor play when needed and using a knife and fork at meal times. The team also support the children develop their language and confidence to communicate with others, which in turn, helps them to build the skills they need to make friends. The room is enriched with resources and visual aids appropriate to the children’s individual abilities and interests, enabling each child to reach their full potential.

Like in all rooms, the Poppy Room team encourage parents to be involved in their children’s learning. This can be done in a number of ways, with an aim to provide every parent with the opportunity to get involved with how it suits them best. This could be by attending our 6 weekly ‘Story and Rhyme’ performances, or attending other events such as Easter Egg hunts, or ‘Special Person Snacks’. It could also be telling your key person or writing down any new skills or interests your child has developed at home using our ‘Wow’ sheets, bringing in photographs of special events, or coming in to share your skills with the children.