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Daisy room (2 – 3yrs)


Daisy Room is situated in the heart of the Children’s Centre and this is where many of the children aged 2-3 spend their sessions. Children of a similar age are also cared for in Poppy Room and Rainbow Room, at our Henbury Court site. During a session a maximum of 20 children play in Daisy Room and its outside garden space, with a ratio of 1:4 adult to children.

The Daisy Room environment has been planned to support children to have space to explore as well as providing calm and cosy spaces for quieter times of the day. The children are encouraged to join in with familiar routine events, such as a ‘Welcome Time’ when they gather together with the adults to find out who has come to Daisy Room today. This is followed by an interactive story time in a large group, when the adults and children join together to act out a familiar and repetitive story, following a ‘story map’. The children are encouraged to use their voices and whole bodies to act out the story to support them to build up a ‘bank of stories’ that will support their later writing skills. These story maps are shared with families and the children become the ‘experts’ who can teach the adults their stories.

Daisy Room children then explore the indoor and outdoor classrooms during a ‘free play’ session where they can access materials such as construction, role-play, small-world play, messy play, paint, playdough, water, ICT equipment, writing materials and materials to encourage counting, sorting and measuring. During this free-play time the children can freely access drinks at the water table and from the snack bar, with the support of an adult. We encourage the children to be as independent as possible and to have a go at pouring their own drinks from small, flat-bottomed water jugs, and to be involved in preparing the snack by cutting up fruit; supporting the children’s developing fine motor skills. Snack time provides a great opportunity for the children to interact with one another and the adults, to discuss the food on offer and to introduce skills such as sharing and turn-taking.

The Daisy Room staff prepare the environment for the children by closely observing their interests and then planning resources and activities to promote and develop these interests. At the Centre we really value your contributions to the children’s learning and development and you will be asked to contribute to our planning and to your child’s learning diary. As you enter Daisy Room you will see a board on your right-hand side asking you to note down your child’s interests at home. Please feel free to write on the sheet anything you have seen your child taking a real interest in at home or let your child’s key person know and we will use this in our future planning.

The Centre has an all-weather outdoor play policy and we provide wetsuits to allow the children to access the outdoor throughout the year. Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather and has a change of clothes in their bag as we do get quite messy! Children regularly take part in ‘Forest School’ activities when they are encouraged to explore the small wooded area with the support of the Daisy Room team and Rosie, who is a trained Forest School Leader. These sessions develop the children’s independence and resilience as they take part in completing small, achievable tasks, such as ‘whittling’ sticks; improving their self-esteem and confidence. You will be invited to join you child as they take part in Forest School and we are really happy to have you join in the session!
Lunch is prepared for the children on-site by our Kitchen team, Jess, Carmen and Laura, you will find menus on the Parents Board outside Daisy Room and on the website; please give any feedback on menus to the team.

There is a quiet session following lunchtime during which the children can have a sleep; please let your child’s key person know your child’s routine, if they have a favourite comforter for example, and the team are happy to follow these routines to ensure your child feels secure. Nappies will be changed by a member of the team during the session’ please provide — and the team will also happy to support your child as they begin toileting; please talk to your child’s key person if you would like any further advice or support. In Daisy Room we celebrate ‘being two’ as an incredible stage of children’s development and we also recognise that it comes with its challenges; if you would like any support with your child’s development, behaviour and issues around eating or sleeping, please talk to any member of the team and we will be happy to help and we will also draw on the expertise of our family support team.

Daisy Room is a fun, energetic place to be, the team will hand over information to you about your child’s session when you come to collect them. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to any of the team and if they don’t know the answer straight away they will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible. During your child’s time in Daisy Room you will have the opportunity to talk to your child’s key person in greater depth about their progress and development in a parent meeting and we will also share how they are doing through a written report. There are so many ways to be involved with your child’s learning and development in Daisy Room and we look forward to working with you.

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