Buttercup Room (0 – 2yrs)

In this room we care for the youngest children, those aged between 6 – approximately 24 months (depending on the individual child). Buttercup Room team is made up of experienced practitioners and an assistant and is led by our Baby Specialist Lead Practitioner. As in all of our areas we ensure that there is consistency of staff, this is particularly important in this area to make sure that younger children make safe and secure relationships with those who care for them. There are never more than 15 children in this area at any one time and a strict ratio of 1 adult to 3 children is adhered to at all times.

Buttercup Room has a separate area, decorated with white fairy lights, where the babies can drift off to sleep whilst listening to soft classical music. Each child has their own sheets and blanket and the children are checked regularly whilst they sleep. Our cosy communication friendly spaces have also been designed for the children to have a quiet space that they are able to access independently and are enriched with resources to support the development of their language.

The toys and equipment in this area have been carefully selected to provide fun and stimulation, whilst encouraging the development of each individual child. The children are given opportunities to access messy play throughout the day, including shaving foam, gloop and flour play. The flexible routine in this room is led by the children and the activities are always planned around their interests that are captured within the room and from feedback from parents about what the children have been interested in at home. We really value parental contributions to the children’s learning and development and will often encourage them to add to the children’s learning diaries and come in for events throughout the year. (please check our news page for upcoming events)

Within spontaneous play, the children have the opportunity to wander inside and out to our ‘Sensory Garden’. The garden, completed in the summer of 2013, was designed after capturing the interests and schemas of the children currently using our setting and by consulting our families and wider community to share their memories or outdoor play when they were younger. The garden offers opportunities for the children to develop their confidence, determination and independence in trying new challenges as well as developing their gross motor and fine motor skills. We provide the children with wetsuits enabling them to experience all weathers.

Brentry and Henbury Children Centre is now one of three Centre’s of Excellence for ‘Birth to Three’ within Bristol. Through this we offer support, guidance and training to local PVI settings and Child-minders, which includes learning walks at our own setting with the aim to share our high quality practice. This is led by the centre’s Birth to Three Leader, Baby Specialist Lead and Lead Teacher.

Children’s voice:

  • “The sand is tickling my toes because I hide them like this. It’s funny isn’t it mummy”.
    “I done playing in the new garden. I like it”.
  • “it was fun. I play the water down.”
  • “Its amazing cause there was sand, rocks and water in there. I played in the sand and pretend it was food for the crocodile. I played in the water”.